Here are 10 Useful things that I have found helpful on my trips:

1) Passport/Ticket wallet: Indispensable (better with a zipper) it takes the stress out of traveling when you know everything is contained and safe.
2) Lonely Planet travel guides, filled with maps and reviews they are specific and helpful if you are traveling to a new destination
Purell: a product I never use at home (I don’t believe in overusing
anti-bacterial products) is really helpful when you don’t have access to
a sink before eating
4) Band-Aids: walking all day = Blisters. Band-Aids solve that.
Tylenol:excessive vacation celebrating, dehydration, sun exhaustion,
salty restaurant foods, these all trigger headaches, come prepared
Pepto-bismal: the last (and maybe most necessary) item of your
mini-medicine cabinet. I never use it at home, but when traveling I am
eating up to 4 meals every day at different restaurants and stands, and
the risk for food poisoning gets infinitely bigger.
7)Traveling alarm Clock: a Reliable and Simple timex version,its lightweight, has the easiest interface to use when you are groggy and never fails to wake me up.
Plastic Hanger: this is the no fail way to un-wrinkle an item of
clothing, steam clean a shirt in the shower or to dry out a garment
after a quick hand wash,
9) Clear Zippered Cubes: clear zippable containers from the container store are perfect for shampoo, toothbrushes, socks, etc, they make packing and unpacking a breeze!
10) Translucent Flip-Spout Bottles : these nifty traveling bottles
let you take your normal toiletry items with you in smaller (and leak
proof!) containers. Yet another way to make your trip more luxurious

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