Contenedores de DVD: the spindles for holding all sorts of objects. The covers can be turned upside-down and used as small tabletop bins as well (especially the 50 and 100-packs).

Twist-tie: Keep your pens together in your bag. ear bud cables organized at the gym. chip clips. shower curtain rings.

Detergent boxes with flip-top lids: they’re sturdy and you can use for storage

Cut open old socks then sew together to make car wash cloths.
When storing shoes and boots away for the season, first cover them in old pairs of socks. They won’t be scuffed or dusty when it’s time to bring them out again.

Add a few drops of vinegar to glue that has thickened up, this will soften the glue

When your bed sheets wear out, they can be folded in half and used to make pillow cases, cut them desired width and use the original hems.

Use nailpolish remover to remove price stickers from newly bought items

platanus-leaf wreath: recojer hojas en otoño y crear guirnaldas de navidad, pintando las hojas o tal cual

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