Editing iWork templates


I have created some “My Templates” in iWork ’08, which I need to modify or delete. How do I (a) modify and (b) delete a selected “My Template?


Each is reasonably easy to do.

To modify a Pages or Numbers template, you can simply open the template, edit it as you like, and choose File: Save as Template. When the Save sheet appears, just enter the same name as the original template and click Save. You’ll be asked if you’d like to replace the current version with the new version. The correct answer is Replace. When you next open the template, it will contain all the changes you made.

To get rid of a template, follow this path:

your user folder/Library/Application Support/iWork

Inside the iWork folder you’ll see Pages and Numbers folders. Inside each is a Templates folder and inside that folder is a My Templates folder. Just navigate to one of these folders, find the template files you want to delete, and toss them in the trash. You’ll no longer see those templates listed when you select the My Templates entry in the Template Chooser sheet.

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