Holiday Tradition Ideas

Make Your Holiday Season Special by Starting a Great Tradition

Family video newsletters, put together by the whole family, can be wonderful. Film everything digitally, then burn it to DVD and send them out to your extended family inside cards. Each family member should sit at the “anchor desk” to give his or her news, and whenever pictures can be included, they should. You don’t have to have a slick production, just a fun one. The important part is the news you’re sharing.

The Christmas Eve movie tradition is a fun one. Either at home or going out, see a traditional movie or a new one each year. There is a variant of this for people who have small children, though: the tire-them-out tradition. Take them to an indoor playground and chat while they play themselves sleepy. This will ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone, and no surprising Santa in the middle of the night.

A special recipe passed down from mother to daughter – and son, if you wish – can be like family glue. Do you have a special dish? Write it down for posterity, and give it to your children on Christmas Eve when they turn thirteen.

A recipe book can be even better than an individual recipe. Buy a blank book and fill it with family recipes you’ve loved since your own childhood. Ask others in the family for their recipes. Add new recipes to it every year, at the holiday season; if you have a good typist in the family, you can keep a digital copy of it and give everyone a bound or hole-punched version for themselves..

An annual family story time, videotaped, might be the all-time best Christmas tradition idea. Remember all those stories from great-grandparents long dead that you wish you remembered? Don’t let that happen to your children. Start filming each Christmas, especially the tale-telling parts. Store each DVD in a safe place, and back them up about every five years (DVDs and CDs will degrade over time). You can even share copies with each family member who wants them.»

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