4 Photoshop Portrait Makeover Tutorials

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One of our forum members, Yanik (image-y) has put together a series of four helpful Photoshop portrait tutorials which run you through four aspects of giving someone a makeover with Photoshop. They cover whitening Teeth and Eyes, Removing Pimples and Wrinkles, Photoshop Makeup and Changing Eye Color.

I’ve embedded each of the four photoshop portrait tutorials below below – enjoy:

Part 1: Whitening Teeth & Eyes

Part 2: Removing Pimples & Wrinkles

Part 3: Photoshop Makeup

Part 4: Changing Eye Color

See more of Yanik’s work at YanikPhotoSchool.com.

Posted: September 5th, 2008, 4:11pm CEST by Darren

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