Yummy rice

Pull out your rice cooker or pot and turn it on:

1. Add a little olive oil, throw in some onion and garlic powder and black pepper. Let the oil get all yummy while you add some combination of the following:

Shredded carrots (I buy them preshredded)
finely chopped mushrooms (a lot – you’d be stunned how much you can sneak in there)
Finely chopped red, yellow or orange (or multiple) peppers
a handful of raisins
a handful of chopped walnuts
You can also chop up a couple of dried apricots or a handful of frozen cranberries.
Some chicken cut into strips.

Let it sit/fry in the hot oil for a while, stir it around if you feel like. Then add some rice. Add orange juice and top it up with water until you have enough liquid for your rice. Add some chicken broth powder. (I really like throwing in an envelope of Lipton Cup’a’soup). Add some pepper…there’s always room for more black pepper in my opinion. Toss in a very small amout of chili flakes if you’re so inclined. If you cook with salt, add salt.

Stir it up and walk away until the rice cooker turns itself up. If your rice cooker tends to burn, then do whatever you normally do to deal with that (watch it, stir it, whatever).

Don’t leave out the raisins or walnuts, they’re yummy and you don’t have to chop them!.

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