Photoprojects 26things

Hay quienes se montan webs con sus proyectos:

Y…..Ufff, a ver si consigo completar alguno! (26things)

  • high point, familiar, too much, 2pm the end, layered, three, contemplation, warning, electric, sharp, red, reflection, movement, soft, cold, close up, old, team, oversized, intimidating, culture, energy, famous,community, shadows
  • love, you, food, new, animal, scape, sound, construction, home, transport, light, water, colour, signage, numbers, authority, simmetry, empty, a sunset, weather, communication, little things, footwear, money, monument
  • lines, mechanical, artificial, out of reach, stetch, switch, through, relief, bottom, blades, organized, missing, different, underground, far away, historic, green, button, mug, popular, dummy, grand, at night, exotic, liquid, delicious
  • overcome, at the top, pile of, coated, button, soft, strange, package, team, fly, words, traffic, fresh, craving, town, small spaces, scream, boring, shadows, curvaceous, blur, tv, meaning of life, price, mirror, macro.
  • Tree ,Gift ,Family ,Thankful ,Season ,Music,Tradition,Meal,Day,Night,Vacation,Light ,Generosity,Always,Spirit,Errand,Arms,Stranger, Welcome,Reach,Bad For You,Heap,Protection,Fluffy, Heat,Picture Perfect
  • Direction,Used,Carry,Falling,Permanent, Connection,Unfamiliar,Silence,Pile,In/Out,Amazing, Sometimes,Everyday,Can't Live Without,On the Move,Holding Back, Out of Control,Awe Inspiring,Just a Sample,On the Edge, Do You See What I See?,All Grown Up,What The?,Making It Official, In Two's,Unfinished Business
  • majestic,framed,headwear,wrinkled,pattern, in season,upside down,behind,not allowed,next to,emotion,almost empty, a fridge,left overs,numbered,stickers,up/down,today's paper, electrical,flaunt,underneath,understated,a portrait,shapes,out of place, let go
  • House of Worship,Good Things,Small Packages, Change,Fragrance,Media,On The Road,Unusual, Paper,Group,In The Sky,Indulgence,Trend,In The News, Animal,Broken,Structure,Fresh Food,Unbelievable, Rock,Cameraphone,Street Lights,Celebrate,Fun,Black and White,Noise
  • frame,glass,arrow,numbers, small,open,fruit,wheel,plastic,cover,natural,saturday, multi-coloured,home,shadow,sticky,clean,foot,sport, round,group,man made,half,path,full,the end

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